Spiritual Gravity

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Spiritual Gravity

The thing about physical gravity is that it really doesn't care if you stand up or if you fall down. It is impeccable. If you lean over too far you will go down. It is instantaneous. The universe is not out to get you. It will not throw you down if you are just standing there. But it also will not cut you any slack at all. Every single time you lean over too far, down you go.

And if you lean over too far and you fall down, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. It just means you leaned over too far. And you will experience the consequence. You will experience symptoms in your life such as a scrape of a bruise, or a feeling of embarrassment or shame. But there is absolutely no judgement from the universe. That's just the way gravity works. It's just the way life is wired up.

"Spiritual gravity" is exactly the same and it is also impeccable and instantaneous. If you lie, cheat, steal or hurt others, the quality of your life will simply fall down. You will create symptoms in your life. Your life won't work in exactly the same way as before your fall. The symptoms will show up in your personal thoughts and feelings, in your body, in your work life, your family life, in all of your relationships, and in your business dealings. Symptoms will show up in every aspect of your life. People may come to suspect or not trust you, you may have feelings of guilt, shame. You will experience the consequences of your fall.  

And if you fall down and create sufferings in your life, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. It just means you leaned over too far in your life choices and actions. It is just the way life is wired up, just like physical gravity. It is impeccable and instantaneous and there is absolutely no judgment whatsoever.

There is an amazing musical group named Enigma. One of their songs is called "The Cross of Changes". It is a beautiful musical piece with no words at all until the very end. Then there is this one simple statement that I have come to love. It is, "Whether you know it or whether you don't. Whether you believe it or whether you don't. There is a universal justice. And the eyes of truth are always watching you."

I believe this. It means, among other things, that nobody can get away with anything. A person may think they have gotten away with something, that nobody knows what they did, that they weren't caught at their dishonesty or their hurtfulness. But like physical gravity with its impeccability, the suffering is instantaneous. It may seem subtle and easily disguised but it is not, not even from ourselves. We are all much more transparent than we have any idea. People with any quality of presence and any real interest can read us pretty easily. The world around us has a fairly accurate sense of who we are.

So the reason to be honest and tell the truth in life is really for our own benefit. It isn't because other people don't already know. The reason for us to be honest and tell the truth is so that we can feel authentic, honest and real. To that end, I have a stack of magic hats in my office that I offer to people. They are invisible and when you wear the magic hat, every person within 500 feet of you knows every thought you have. To the degree you are willing to wear the magic hat, you are a free man or a free woman.

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by Frank Robinson

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