counseling seattle

I see my counseling Seattle style as caring, positive, direct, intuitive and very interactive. I have a spiritual (not religious) frame of reference. I tend to take a self-directed, self-responsible approach to my work.

I believe most people have a tremendous ability to grow and constructively work through their own issues. I see my job as assisting you in that process. It is my intention to enhance your clarity and freedom to choose. I wish to assist you in cultivating a perspective of your own life experience that you find empowering.

Spiritual Growth Starts from Open Heart

I teach specific skills in living, such as how to open your heart to yourself, how to recognize and set healthy and appropriate boundaries, and how to soften, breath, and let go of holding on to attachments. I teach people how to listen to hear rather than to react, how to speak with an "open heart", and how to give and receive support in a way that the other actually feels supported.  I also teach a range of meditation and mindfulness techniques.

It is important for you to know that if you are in a relationship and you elect to do personal/spiritual growth work with me and your partner does not chose to participate, it may have an effect in your relationship.  You may experience this as positive or you and your partner may experience this as negative or threatening.  In couples counseling the records of our sessions will not be released unless both people sign a release form.

I feel I work well with 13 to 95 year olds.  I tend to attract people who want to do personal and spiritual growth work. I work especially well with relationship and boundary issues, anxiety, depression, and pain management issues. I also enjoy helping people with clarifying addiction problems. My clinical orientation is primarily cognitive/emotive and I often exercise creative use of Gestalt, visualization, and meditative techniques. I generally suggest readings and outside homework. I can work in a short term (6 to 12 sessions) or a longer term format, depending on your goals of treatment, our rate of progress, and how you feel you can best use my services.

Contact me today. Together we can find a way forward.