Frank Robinson

Some of you have asked me for a list of a few of the thoughts that
frequently come out of my mouth during our talks.  I lovingly offer you
the following:

“The power of an open heart is that a closed heart cannot stay
closed in its presence. It will either open or it will go away until it is ready."

“An open heart is the safest place in the world.  There is no fear and
there is no anger.  All we will see is each other’s innocence.”

"The universe is wired up in such a way as to provide each and every
person with every opportunity they will ever need in order to reach
total and complete enlightenment without any help from you (Frank)."

"The one you love has worked long and hard, in fact many lifetimes, to get to this particular point of suffering. It would not be of service to them for you to get them out of it now even if you could, and
you cannot my dear boy (Frank), you cannot.”

“The ‘gift of suffering’ is that all of our suffering, physical or emotional, is an exquisitely designed, divinely
inspired, and perfectly functioning communication system of our mind,
body, and spirit working together to tell us something we need to know to
help us heal ourselves at a deeper level.  Therefore, it is not our job to
avoid or get rid of the suffering in our life, but rather to
go toward it with an open heart and explore it in order to discover what it is trying to tell us. Our suffering is a light guiding us to the pathway to our freedom from it.”

“Our real suffering does not come from our pain and suffering. It comes from our fear of it and our resistance and objection to it. Resistance causes persistence.”

"Planet earth is not a place were we are necessarily supposed to get
everything we think we need or want.  It is rather a place we have come
to do our spiritual (healing and awakening) work.  Our personal relationships and our
work life are therefore a very specific place where we have come to do
some very specific (healing) work."

“As spiritual beings, when we take birth into physical reality we innocently enter into the illusion of separateness from the infinite, omnipresent, unconditionally loving force of the universe.”

“We each have as much value and as much right to be here as anyone who has ever been born.”

“Wisdom is knowing how to scratch the itch in a way that nurtures the
soul.  Enlightenment is not having an itch at all.”

“There is no such thing as premature wisdom in the universe.”

“We are all right on schedule.”

“Awareness is the most powerful agent of change.”

"All of our fearful, insecure thoughts, feelings and even actions come
out of our innocent but misguided strategies for survival and for love."

"We are already profoundly somebody the moment they took birth. We do not come into this world as a clean slate.”

"As parents we have a responsibility to provide love, shelter, food and
healthy boundaries for our children.  How they receive and experience
that love and support we do not even get a vote."

"In regard to our children, generally, we can either try to control them
or we can have a relationship with them.  It is not likely we can have

“We cannot love our children too much. But we can give them too much.”

“Control, like fear, is an illusion. It is simply an ego driven thought. No one has ever been in control of anything, not even for one moment in the history of the universe.”

"Telling on yourself is a form of reporting your ego's intention. It
opens the possibility of learning how to lovingly relate to your ego
(mind/body) rather than fearfully from it."

“One definition of ‘freedom’ might be,  ‘a moment in which there is no
feeling we are afraid to experience.”

"We are not capable of an unacceptable feeling, only unacceptable

“The ‘feminist’s dilemma’ - It is more difficult for a man to give
up power when he has had it than it is for a woman to seek power when she has not had it.”

"What you tolerate, you invite."

“In codependency we often tend to confuse being needed with being

“If an asshole told you a truth, could you hear it?”

“This is your next life.”

“Karma is as soft as we allow it to be.”

One definition of “Connectedness” with The One in today’s world:  “Not
knowing how to have a relationship that isn’t meaningful.”

“The way the world is, at any given moment, is a quintessentially
perfect reflection of how each and every one of us, in aggregate,  vote
in each moment of now in our entire lives.  That is to say, the world
reflects whether our heart is open or whether it has closed, in that
moment.  Nobody doesn’t get to vote.”

“If I am truly open to the moment, I am open to you.”

“We are the essence of humility.  We simply have not (fully) realized it

“Embracing a feeling is different from indulging a feeling.  It is the
difference between having a feeling and it having you.”

“When our heart is open, it does not necessarily lead us to just one
right response,  it may open us to a world of possible responses which
are right for us in that moment of now.”

“Clarity has it’s own power.”

“Decisions are what we make in the absence of clarity. We are more likely to find our clarity by getting quiet and going down deep inside ourselves and look to see what is really true for us. That is an observation, not a decision. Then it is simply a matter of when and how you are going to honor and tell your truth.”

“Fuzzaphelia” is the fear of getting clear.”

“If you can’t say no to it, it’s running your life.”

“From the moment of our inception throughout every moment of our entire life, like a magnet, we draw to us our predispositions, our challenges/limitations, our gifts/possibilities, the people, the facts, the circumstances and events in our life that give us an inescapable opportunity to do the spiritual work we came here to do. It is the work of awakening - identifying with our soulful essence rather than with our ego and physical reality.”

“If you want to know what your life's work is, your life's purpose, look to your joy and look to your suffering. Your joy is telling you something is positively aligned with your deeper self. Your suffering is trying to tell you that you have formed a fear based attachment in the world.”

“I want to be bigger and less important.”

“Our presence is the greatest gift we have to offer.”

“Geographical escape doesn’t work - except when it does.  When our
environment (a job, a relationship, and activity, or a substance), or elements of it, are so toxic that we cannot live in balance in its presence then we may have to remove ourselves from it.”

“Your life is a bus. The question is who’s driving your bus, who and what are on board and where is it heading?”

“On planet earth (physical reality) the more totally present we are in a
given moment of now is the closest to forever we will ever get.”


**  The first four of these I attribute to a voice I occasionally heard in my life. It is always the same big, warm, loving, voice. I do not feel I can take credit for the content of what I have heard. Each time I have heard this voice it has come at a significant moment in my life and it has had a tremendous positive impact in my life.

With Love,

Frank Robinson L.M.H.C.,  2009