If You’ve Got It - Give It Away (Why you Should Volunteer)

If you've been feeling depressed, lonely, or bored lately, consider giving an hour or two of your life away each week - to a worthy cause. Volunteer. Why you should volunteer?

Following are some interesting things Gallup pollsters learned not too long ago about people who volunteer. 

  • 55% of Americans over age 14 (92 million people) volunteer some time to a worthy cause.
  • 57% of volunteers are employed outside the home.
  • Most volunteers donate one to three hours of time a week.
  • Why people say they volunteer:
    • they want to help others
    • it's interesting and enjoyable
    • it's a way to acquire new job skills
    • it's an outlet for talents not used else where

The largest number of volunteers are involved in religious activities (37%), educational activities (23%), and health related activities (23%).

For now and always, Open your heart and "let go".

Warmly, Frank